MECG has defined authorities and responsibilities documented in the company’s organizational charts & job description.

MECG management considers quality a top priority and to the extent possible, will support actions, deal with problems and participate with time, resources, and ideas to all issues effecting quality.

All the outsourced process controlled by receiving inspection and follow up the supplier production if there is a large scale supplies.

For each client, MECG dedicated counterpart team to handle all the related issues between the co. and the clients and the consultant, to insure the day to day communication and transparence during execution the work.

Business Development Department

The financial analysis service which is responsible for the evaluation of new venture prospects and investments plans. Interface with the board of directors for evaluation the new clients and preparing the necessary forecast for the company for each quarter.

The Control and Administration Department.

· The quality control service which is responsible for the implementation of the quality procedures.

· Responsible for the management of the human resources.

· All computer applications and the internal process and all the co. templates.

The financial & Commercial Department

· The accounting service which is responsible for the accounting and bookkeeping. The planning service which is responsible for the financial analysis and the cash flow planning. The sales service which is responsible for the market research, the cost estimates the preparation for the bids, RFP responses and contracts agreements preparations.

· The purchasing activities and the supply or the subcontractor agreements.

The Construction Department

The construction service which is responsible for the control, the coordination and the execution follow up or all projects undertaken by the company